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You’ve heard of mad scientists – how about mad … (well, have a look for yourself)

6 February 2013
Climate change

Over at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/02/06/well-worth-a-read-self-damning-wor… … we have the wise words of CAGW adherents; mainly Malthusians, politicians and environmentalists – and the good chappie Sir John Houghton (much maligned by the late Peter Warlow). One strand of global warming hysterics has always been about redistribution of wealth from developed countries to undeveloped countries. I can go along with less SUVs over here if it means less poverty over there but what they are really promoting is robbing from the poor in the developed world and giving to the rich in the undeveloped world. These people always forget 'unforeseen consequences' as in no shortage of SUVs over here and lots of growth in SUVs over there.

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