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Meteors in the Past

8 March 2013

More evidence for historical episodes of cosmic airbursts and rocks out of space comes from the Song of Ullikummi – see http://cosmictusk.com/song-of-ullikummi-grondine-unpacks-broze-age-myth-… George Howard begins in defence of Marie-Agnes Courty and her work on soils dating to the collapse of the Akkadian Empire in the late 3rd millennium BC – cue for Grondine to make a connection with the Song of Ullikummi.

Courty's work, we learn, has been opposed by mainstream for many years but she has persisted in keeping to her task. Ed Grondine is an old participant on the Cambridge Conference CCNeT forum (run by Benny Peiser) and posted in 1999 his interpretation of the Song of Ullikummi, a description, he claimed, of an impact event over Tell Leilan, as recorded in Hittite myth. It may actually be a Hittite version of a Hurrian myth and it should be remembered that it doesn't come with a date attached and could belong to a remoter event than the collapse of Akkad. What is clear is that it records some kind of cosmic event in the past and appears to describe an approaching comet that grows steadily larger the nearer it gets to Earth, either over a 15 day period or a month and 15 days. In that respect it was quite different from the space rock incident over Russia as that appeared suddenly and unexpectedly. It also has parallels in Indian mythology and various Irish tales, the little white worm that grows, within days, into a giant object in the sky.

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