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Patten and Hatch

14 March 2013

The resonant orbit of the Russian meteor and the bigger piece of space rock prompted member William Thompson to send in some information on Patten and Hatch, well known from Marvin Luckerman's defunct journal Catastrophism and Ancient History (they wrote several articles) and books and articles on the orbit of Mars and how it may have affected Earth on several important occasions in the past. The articles in CAH can be accessed via www.catastrophism.com or if you have a thick wallet, by purchasing the Catastrophism CD Rom (on sale on this web site). Donald Patten's book, 'Catastrophism and the Old Testament: The Mars-Earth Conflicts' (Seattle:1988) is still available via email at judy-fenton [at] comcast [dot] net … Ronald Hatch was the orbital analyst. He is better known for GPS research, and together they visualised a 2:1 resonance between the two planets bringing them close to each other every 40 years or so. They also quoted Norman Gaut, 'Angular Momentum Flux in the Formation of the Solar System' (1964). Patten is essentially a planetary catastrophist and as such has written for among others Kronos and Aeon. His work can be found at www.creationism.org/patten/ and at www.creationresearch.org as he was concerned with purely Biblical themes – but see also www.unibg.it/convegni/NEW_SCENARIOS/English.htm#introduction

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