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Rivers under the Ice

14 March 2013

This story is at http://phys.org/print282294394.html … and concerns the discovery of a hidden network of rivers flowing beneath the Greenland ice sheet, potentiallly catastrophic as far as the stability of the ice sheet is concerned. Published in Nature Geoscience it seems fairly cut and dried – but is it?

The discovery may be worth treating with caution as the research has been done by scientists on CAGW funding parameters, with the intention of finding ways to shift the ice faster than the consensus theory allows, and therefore giving some hoped for impetus to the 'disaster is upon us' meme.

They used gas tracers pumped into water at the surface and it was suggested that the speed in which the tracers came through the other end meant it had been carried by fast flowing rivers beneath the ice. Note, no actual rivers beneath the ice have been seen by anyone or by any instrument. Gas tracers were used and the assumption is made the speed at which they emerged from the ice meant one thing, and not another, or anything.

Not a fact, as such, but an assumption leaning towards the funding objective. They stress, elsewhere in the article, but not in the headlines issued to the media, the relationship between surface melting and the flow of water at the base of the ice, and even the long term stabiltity of the ice sheet, are uncertain. In other words, they don't know (see also Planet Earth Online which may give the game away).

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