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The Moon

27 March 2013

At http://phys.org/print283451358.html … some suprising ideas on the Moon. Apparently, the so called 'lunar cataclysm' began when the gas giants repositioned themselves in the solar system, it is hypothesized, destablising in the process the asteroid belt and triggering a solar system bombardment. Well, I nver.

The Moon, it continues, has more in common with the larger asteroids as both display evidence of bombardment by meteorites, or whatever. The asteroids, it suggests, roam through the solar system, an interesting turn of phrase. The paper, in Nature Geoscience, adds the reassuring line, this all took place in the remote uniformitarian past, some four billion years ago. The Moon and the recently visited Vesta asteroid have something in common – lots of holes and craters (see also www.lunarscience.nasa.gov/)

At http://phys.org/print283425214.html … there is a video from Sweden which shows the CME that struck Earth's magnetic shield in mid March. Although the affects on the Earth were mild and the CME of no great size, the video provides a view of what might happen when something of much larger proportions may  have struck the Earth at some point in the past – and all this was completely unknown until the recent space programmes. The source is given as 'Universe Today'

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