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Jet Streams and solar Lunar Cycles

31 March 2013
Climate change

Three cracking videos from Piers Corbyn discussing the role of the Sun, and the Moon, on the climate, and how they cause changes in the jet stream – which is what is happening nowadays.

See www.youtube.com/watch?v=O76GO02LtlU



… which is all a bit reminiscent of Mike Lockwoods paper some five years ago that blamed it all on the Sun, much to the angst of the troughers and the merriment of the CAGW 'wet behind the ears' adolescents – instinctively regarding it as moonshine (co2 wasn't involved) – see http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-9326/5/2/024001/ but see also Pierre Gosselin on the German sceptic blog – at http://notrickszone.com/2013/04/01/lockwoods-dubious-solar-activitycentr…

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