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Folding of Mountains

11 April 2013

At www.ncgt.org/newsletter.php (March issue) there is also a letter by Peter M James of Tasmania, and he updates some of the information and data pertaining to his article in a previous issue of the journal. Basically, his theory is that the equatorial bulge causes mountain building – and geosyncline activity. This is quite apposite to plate tectonics but this is the primary focus of New Concepts in Global Tectonics. It is a forum for alternative geological scenarios. However, whether they are real or mistaken is for the reader to judge.

In effect, what James claims to have found is a pattern of palaeo equaters – amd these can only have been produced by polar wander. He claims he can pinpoint polar wander in the Palaeozoic, the Devonian, and so on, without marshalling continental drift in support of his arguments. Africa, it seems, has no fold mountains, but in Europe there was a great deal of such activity (and the Atlas mountains in N Africa are bracketed with the folding in Europe as part of the Mediterranean basin.

He finishes the letter by saying that polar wander/ geoid tectonics (modelling) explains the location of fold mountain chains, such as the Appalachians, without resorting to mobile plate tectonics.

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