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Moon Crash

19 May 2013

At http://phys.org/print287996395.html … a paper in Nature Geoscience (online) says the iron core of the Earth is weaker than thought (it has only half the previously estimated strength). Computer models are at the heart of the findings.

Meanwhile, at http://phys.org/print287995775.html … over the last 8 years NASA astronomers have been keeping an eye on the Moon, looking for evidence of meteors striking it. Lunar meteor showers are much more common then previously allowed with hundreds of detectable impacts happening every year. On March 17th a small boulder crashed on to the Moon and exploded in a flash of light. On the same might NASA and Canadian astronomers picked up an unusual number of meteors penetrating the atmosphere, creating fireballs. This was clearly a stream of debris and the same performance might happen again next year when the Earth Moon system passes through the same region of the sky. Note … this is not to be confused with the February Russian meteor, when several smaller bodies associated with the larger space rock that passed by the Earth, seem to have entered or nearly so, the atmosphere of the Earth. However, a month apart … makes you think.

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