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Newton and Einstein were not mechanics …

31 May 2013

Obviously, one might say. You could hardly imagine them with a spanner in the hand and the bonnet open. No, this is more to do with mechanical thinking as opposed to creating mathematical explanations for the cosmos and how it is perceived to work. The idea of warping space and time is a mathematical trick according to the author at http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/mechanical-principles-in-physi…

Jiggery and pokery is what mathematics in space is all about, is the inference made by the author who begins his odyssey at http://milesmathis.com/magnet.html … Mathis claims to look at the world from a mechanical perception – but is hoodwinked, according to Tim Cullen, by the 'last of the magicians' = Isaac Newton. He was an alchemist and a mathematician, and Albert Einstein was another mathematicain, or theoretical physicist. The question revolves around, did Newton and Einstein produce mathematical magic (mumbo jumbo) in an attempt to explain away the mechanics of a gravitational vortex. See also www.freeinfosociety.com/media/pdf/3935.pdf, 'The Secret World of Magnets' (1970).

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