South American genetics, Chinese Son of Heaven

5 June 2013

The full paper is available at… … all 27 pages in full. This story was posted a week or so ago – South American genetics seem to show links with different Asian populations, one migration which seems to go back 6000 years.

Over at … Chinese archaeologists uncover more relics from the age of the first emperor, Qin Shihuang, a remarkable palace complex buried for some 2000 years plus, and entirely subterranean. It was built so he could continue to reign in the afterlife – the Son of Heaven. A palace and courtyards, watchtowers and underground corridors and all in the proces sof being excavated, guarded by the famous terracotta army. The site is reputed to be 50 square km in size.

Qin Shihuang believed he would become immortal. Enthroned in 246BC at the age of 13, although Chinese dates are not exact when compared to Julian, and went on to create the empire of China, absorbing surrounding states in the process. He was not particularly fond of Confucius it would seem as many scholars who crossed swords with him ended up buried alive. The same story is at

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