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Hospitals and Power Cuts

29 June 2013
Climate change

With the closure of some coal and nuclear power stations the fear of power cuts is getting some politicos worried – civils disorder in prospect. Perhaps. Richard North puts it into perspective – in reality its all a bit different to the MSM hype – see www.eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=84073

In The Times, a week ago, we had the news the world is quite literally getting greener – fertilised by that pollutant, co2. Even deserts across the world are getting greener – vegetation is actually growing in spite of the shortage of moisture From the Australian outback to the SW part of the US, the Middle East and some parts of Africa and Asia, all faithfully recorded in a paper in Geophysical Review Letters, and yet we are continually badgered with the idea co2 is a polutant, something nasty, to be stamped out. Greens of course ignore the fact that farmers, for years, have been pumping co2 into their plastic greenhouses in order to get bigger crops of flowers, vegetables and fruit – how else do we get all those lovely punnets of British grown strawberries.

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