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Ice Mass in the Ice Age

29 June 2013

At http://phys.org/print291614362.html … this is all part of CAGW hype so may be complete waffle without much substance – but interesting in the context of the last Ice Age and how it all hangs together with a dollop of circular reasoning as far as sea levels and ice sheets are concerned. The paper is published in Nature Geoscience and looked at fossilised coral in the Caribbean – which is purported to tell us about historical rises in sea levels. The co-authors (geophysicists, and therefore serious investigators) claim the sea level was lower in the Caribbean by as much as 394 feet – which is some orders of magnitude above previous calculations. The explanation is that there must have been a lot more ice in the Ice Age world – even more than climatologists imagine. No other reason why sea levels may have fallen, or risen in the aftermath of the Ice Age, is given – it is just accepted that sea levels fell as a result of ice locked up somewhere way up north.

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