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Christianity in Egypt

30 June 2013

On a day that a video has been published of a beheading of three Christian monks or Catholic priests in Syria by the very people some of our politicos want to get into bed with, and supply them with the arms to liberate Christian establishments by killing them all with kitchen knives, there is a story about Syrian Christians in Egypt at www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php/archives/06/2013/deir-al-surian-a-treas… … a geological depression west of the Nile delta was a cradle of Coptic monasticism going back to the 4th century AD. In this case, the Coptic monastery became a Syrian monastery – how did that happen, in the 8th centuiry AD? Contrast this with the story and video released by the Vatican of the beheading of three Syrian Christians that had established a monastery in the 20th/21st century AD. Are we going backwards – is Christianity about to be obliterated entirely from the modern Islamic world? How long will Christianity last in the West?

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