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Martian Meteorites

25 July 2013

An interesting story at http://phys.org/print293895074.html … which is open to some conjecture – I think (bnut may be not). A paper in Nature tells us about a Martian meteorite in Ottawa that has been dated much more recently than previously allowed. Although the meteorite itself was made of older material, crystals growing on the rock prior to its launch from Mars (before ending up on Earth) were growing just 20 million years ago – which is extremely recent in geological terms. How it got here is another question – a super volcano is mentioned early on, and an impact event on Mars somewhat later. The crystals were dated by an electron nanobeam methodology – which is quite new, while the age of the rock material was dated via the uranium/lead isotope methodology (which was the subject of a post a few days ago).

20 million years ago is a long way distant from Donald Patten, or Velikovsky – but it is getting closer.

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