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Global warming in the heat wave

27 July 2013
Climate change

At http://notrickszone.com/2013/07/25/joe-bastardis-saturday-summary-on-jul… … with a headline like that you wouldn't think the alarmists were associating July temperatures in central Europe and eastern N America with CAGW – but any whiff of warmth and they pounce on it, like a black hole in a dust bowl. Joe Bastardi's saturday summary, however, puts the whole globe into perspective, and satellite data shows conclusively July temperatures are below normal.

At http://phys.org/print293857414.html … we are told that 'climate models' are the unrivalled tools in understanding future climate as they are built on 'fundamental' (is that fundamentalist) laws of physics and chemistry. Reading aloud this pompous assertion is bad enough and one could easily get the impression 'state of the art' climate models are actually capable of producing results that match observations outside the windows of the rooms where the computers are being toyed around – with the emphasis on toys. Apparently, the upcoming IPCC report (the 5th assessment) is going to report this story – how wonderful all the models are and what value  and how clever all these people are, and so forth. The drift of self righteous praise of one's own side in the dispute is the kind of politics we might expect when withdrawal from the EU is being discussed – but this is supposed to be cool headed science. All we can be sure of is that your average person in the street will completely ignore the 5th report if this is the general tone, and we will all continue to be taxed until the pips squeak – as the old time Labour chums used to say.

At http://phys.org/print293862804.html … as the heat wave generates thunder and lightning, on both sides of the pond, we suddenly learn that the authorities are really concerned about the plight of the elderly when it comes to the temperature. We are told that heat can kill – I suppose it can if you are sitting in water that might boil, or try to go for a run at midday without a hat or bottle of water, but generally it is cold that kills. Heat is usually beneficial. These are really crocodile tears because if environmentalists and the authorities were really concerned for the elderly, the less fortunate, and the vulnerable (the sick and housebound), they would not be so strident in their endeavour to raise the price of heating fuel beyond the means of large numbers of people. The elderly, and young children, are going to be very cold in winter for a lot of years to come – but the well to do consciences of the self righteous true believers in the CAGW faith will not be bothered – not one jot.

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