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The Golden Ratio

26 August 2013

Tall Bloke is back on to the theme of the Golden Ratio. His last post on the subject did not go down so well but this one is by Miles Mathis, an altogether clever chappie. The post has the title – 'The Physics behind the Golden Ratio'  – see http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/miles-mathis-the-physics-behin…

It begins with a mathematical calculation – a+b is to a as a is to b and the post is taken from his own blog, http://milesmathis.com/phi.html (Janhuary 2011). He poses two questions, i) why would inanimate objects of any size desire to be in a golden ratio? or why do they trend towards that ratio? and ii) how does the charge field act as a medium, facilitating or causing the bodies to move to the golden ratio?

All bodies are emitting a charge field, he claims, small and big bodies. If we use the Earth and the Moon as an example, we may note the Earth exists in th Moon's electromagnetic field and the Moon exists in the Earth's electromagnetic field.

Until recently celestial mechanics was dominated by gravity and even now, in spite of plasma physics gaining a little traction, it is only the odd scientist that goes further. Electromagnetic fields play a sizeable part in the whole of cosmology (see also http://milesmathis.com/moon.html)

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