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7 September 2013

Ceres is the biggest object in the Asteroid Belt and has a perfectly rounded shape. This is supposed to imply it formed during the early solar system era – see http://phys.org/print296974934.html

At www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/08/130829142311.htm … NASA Chandra Observatory spies Black Hole rejecting matter. The giant black hole at the heart of the Milky Way is a funny chomper it seems – spinning lots of gas and matter. Astronomers are striving to make sense of what they see in their telescope and x-ray observatory, somewhat contradictory to the old idea that black holes had an insatiable appetite, eating anything that came within a whisker of their gaping jaws. It seems the new interpretation is that the old ideas concerning ravenous feeding frenzies by black holes was too simplistic – and it is all a bit more complicated than they had imagined. This is of course true, especially if they were barking up the wrong tree and black hole light shows have an entirely different origin. Rather than consuming they might be emitting – which is why the dust and gas can be seen swirling around at the very mouth of the black hole (or what is perceived to be a black hole).

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