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27 September 2013
Climate change

If anybody is interested in reading the sceptic response to the IPCC report they can't go far wrong by going to www.judithcurry.com/2013/09/28/ipcc-diagnosis-permanent-paradigm-paralysis/ … as it puts it into a certain order of perspective, and comes straight out of the mouth of a prominent climate scientist. See also www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2013/9/28/lindzen-on-ar5.html … Prof Lindzen (atmospheric physicist) is on the same wavelength as Peter Warlow in his SIS talk on the subject of global warming and the greenhouse. He points out the key to understanding surface temperature is all about heat transport. However, at the same time he does not exclude radiative physics – see http://eaps.mit.edu/faculty/lindzen/178wvapbud.pdf

Actually, we had wall to wall climate alarmism from the BBC and other well known warmists in the media but it seems the subject, on the great day, was well down the list of BBC stories that people showed an interest in reading (on their web site) – eighth out of ten. Apparently, in Russia, the subject and the Report wasn't even mentioned by the state broadcasting system. This only confirms it is a Western disease. The Russians had their fingers burned with Lysenko – and they have kept CAGW at arms length.

I suspect most people either found the BBC 'I've got my serious pointy cap on' reporting on the Report either comical – or switched off (not the TV but the attention span).

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