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The Sun and thunderstorms

29 September 2013

This story came out last week, or the week before, and entails the effects of solar wind on thunderstorms and lightning. Stephen Smith has taken up the baton and leads on the story from an Electric Universe slant – see www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2013/09/25/let-it-rain-2/

It is commonly believed the weather on Earth is driven by the Sun's thermal influence on the atmosphere. The gases and the dust in the upper atmosphere absorb solar radiation at varying rates and varying degrees. When a particular region heats up the air the air expands and loses density, creating a low pressure area. Cooler air, being denser, flows into the bottom of the warm low pressure sone to cause a convection cell to form. Weather systems across the Earth are driven by the process, it is thought, and this has been the basics of meteorological weather reports for many a long year.

However, in the ionosphere dust becomes charged making it attractive to water vapour (which is what the original paper was all about). Stephen Smith describes how weather may work from an electric universe perspective – a stage further than scientists would go at present, even radical types. The idea that weather is affected by electrified plasma with an origin in the Sun is just a step away – as Piers Corbyn appears to see a connection with the Sun, and the Moon, on weather. What is required, as Stephen Smith acknowledges, is somebody to make the appropriate experiments. At the moment, the role of trace gases in the atmosphere appears to dominate climate science – but time will tell.

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