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Fiddling the facts and telling porkies, not forgetting the lack of hurricanes

30 September 2013
Climate change

One day out from the publication of the full IPCC Fifth Report and the stitches are being undone on the blogosphere. The benders of facts are quite brazen it seems, and some new names are in the headlines.

At www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2013/10/1/hysteria.html … we have perhaps the most predictable, from a British point of view. Somebody reports the truth, noting global warming is no longer all it is cracked up to be and they are roundly condemned and accused of being immoral.

At www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2013/10/1/the-fifths-first-fiddle.html and www.climateaudit.org/2013/09/30/ipcc-disappears-the-discrepancy/ … which is all about manipulation of data – the IPCC caught with their pants down on day one of the new dawn. This is probably the first of several as the rest of the week progresses.

At http://notrickszone.com/2013/10/01/swiss-news-weekly-delivers-massive-bl… while over at http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/andrew-cooper-ipcc-using-diffe… … is by the guy who tracked the Russian meteor earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, one of the claims of climate scientists has been that hurricanes will increase. As far as this year is concerned they were supposed to increase in intensity – and yet it has proved to be a year almost devoid of hurricanes, yet alone those that threaten mainland N America. William Thompson sent in the following link … www.weather.com/news/weather-hurricanes/hurricane-season-2013-major-hurr… … where, based on long term averages between 1966 amd 2009 the Atlantic has typically enjoyed nine named storms and five hurricanes. 2013 has been below average.

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