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Did Earth obtain its Moon from Venus?

1 October 2013

Wow. Velikovsky is described as a crackpot for suggesting Venus was a late addition to the solar system, accused of cosmic billiards, among other things, yet we now have a serious talk at a science conference organised by the Royal Society which actually suggests Earth pulled the Moon out of the orbit of Venus and into that of the Earth. Mind you, this came from a conference with the title, 'The Origin of the Moon' – so some speculation was in order, even way out speculation. Why not? We may also note that as the Royal Society has gone outright in favour of CAGW doomsaying, it is not such a surprise they are ready and willing to promote unusual theories in other sciences.

The story was sent in by Gary Gilligan and can be seen at www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2438631/Did-steal-moon-Venus-Con… … and the gist appears to be that as Venus has no moon the Earth might have pinched it – but that would leave the Earth without a Moon. Apparently, Saturn has over 50 moons, and other planets in the solar system have moons – except Venus. Why is this?

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