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Dinosaurs in Alaska

5 October 2013

Thousands of dinosaur tracks, of different size and shape, have been found along the rocky shore of the Yukon River – see http://westerndigs.org/thousands-of-dinosaur-tracks-discovered-along-ala… These are not imprints, in soft mud that solidified, but casts – fossils of sand and other sediments that washed into fresh dinosaur footprints and were left behind when the outer rock eroded away. They found dinosaur footprints by the score on literally every outcrop they paused at. They were so abundant we could collect 50 specimens in as little as ten minutes. They also explored the Tanana River, made famous in Velikovsky's Earth in Upheaval – especially the remote upper reaches. What they appear to have found was evidence of an ancient eco-system quite unlike the modern Alaska.

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