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First we had a super volcano on Mars … now we have one in Australia

6 October 2013

This story is at http://phys.org/print299837731.html … this has been found on Ngaanyat jarra tribal territory by the Geological Survey of Western Australia and comprises 450 cubit km of formerly molten magma from a single eruption. However, they claim it was active in access of 30 million years – which isn't quite the same thing. You would have to read the article in full to see how they arrived at the figure of 30 million but presumably it was derived from the consensus uniformitarian geochronology – which just goes to show that a single eruption is skewed by that chronology, assumed to have lasted an impossible 30 million years simply because of the way rocks are dated, or their dates calculated.

Some interesting research is going on in muddy sediments on the sea floor – see www.livescience.com/39999-microbes-seafloor-gobble-oxygen.html … and the prospect of life inside the rocks on the bottom of the sea. In the sediment oxygen is mysteriously reduced and it is suggested unknown microbes are at work.

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