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Fodder and the Flock

8 October 2013
Inside science

At http://climateaudit.org/2013/10/08/fixing-the-facts-2/ … Steve McIntyre illustrates how the climate scientists assembling the IPCC report go out of their way to revise items they see as 'fodder to the sceptics' (in their words). In this instance, he illustrates the absence of one particular graph, SOD figure 1.5 which has been used in the two previous reports but was considered too near the nuckle to use in the most recent offering from the priesthood. Neither do they think there is anything wrong in removing data that might be embarrassing. A UK climate scientist of repute (well, he works for the Met Office, and repute might not be the correct definition) claimed it makes the 'science' better – even when the same system was used in previous reports and could have been cross checked between them. One is left with the impression that was the problem. Cross checking was being discouraged.

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