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Homo Erectus … came in several different flavours?

19 October 2013

This is turning into a big story – see http://phys.org/print301240629.html … the discovery of early human skulls in Georgia (in the Transcaucasus) which have been dated 1.8 million years ago, but surprisingly were found under medieval buildings, suggest the human family tree is not as varied or as lengthy as the consensus believes. The article is published in Science journal and requires reading in full before making lame assertions but the idea being explored is that Homo Erectus varied as far as shape, size, and type are concerned – but it must be emphasized, others disagree. This article will be followed by another with the opposite finding – but unpopular ideas always attract resistance – you only have to look at the Younger Dryas Boundary Event storm with a whole array lined up against the progenitors of the theory, and after quite a few years now with no sign of resolution one way or the other. This is probably because further evidence is required – some firming up. Same goes for this one I suspect.

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