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Solar UV and ozone

23 October 2013

At http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/new-paper-finds-solar-uv-varie… … Dr Sandip Dhomse of the University of Leeds has a paper published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics that notes solar UV radiation can vary by as much as 100 per cent during solar cycles. Such wide changes in UV signifcantly affect stratospheric ozone production and thereby act as a solar amplification mechanism on temperature. The IPCC ignores the role of the Sun in climate change and only models the small changes in total solar irradiance. The UV region the UV spectrum also heats the oceans to surprising deep levels – unlike longwave infrared radiation from greenhouse gases which can only penetrate the actual surface waters.

The paper begins with what is obvious, but not apparently to some climate scientists and modellers, by saying, 'the Sun is the primary source of energy to the Earth's atmosphere …'

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