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The Watery Planet

4 November 2013
Climate change

Yes, we live on a watery planet – but the next full plate to follow CAGW as it continues to crumble and come undone at the seams will be a water shortage. How on earth can we have a shortage of water in a world dominated by water – well, read http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/11/01/water-is-replacing-climate-as-the-… … a guest post by Dr Tim Ball, a retired Canadian climate scientist.

Exploitation of ozone depletion, acid rain, desertification, rainforest destruction, global warming, sea level rise, and climate change and climate crisis, universally hot air doomsayings, are to be superceded in true past seamless Green fashion (see them here see them n'ere) by water shortages. How is this going to happen in wet and often very wet NW Europe? Easy peasy. They aren't building any new reservoirs while at the same time decommissioning old ones at the same time as the population is rising with ever more new arrivals. You might be worried at the moment about your escalating heating bills but in the future you will be wondering if it is worth pulling the chain every time you go to the toilet. You might also like to invest in a giant water bucket for the trips to the standpipe and back again.

In other parts of the world such as Africa it is even easier – they don't enjoy the liberal amounts of rain we do and they don't have the reservoirs to collect it when they do have a torrent from the heavens in the form of a tropical rainstorm. We have the Victorians and their immediate successors to thank for our superb water network – but they had foresight and an eye on the future. The odd thing is that a fraction of the money that has been wasted on CAGW could have provided ample water supplies in even the driest of landscapes. It is like a leaky water tank in the Sahara – water slurping into the sand, and oblivion. The cavernous hole of CAGW taxpayer looting must bottom out somewhere along the line – but at the moment it is a very deep pit and there is no sign of the rock and a hard place – although the plebs, we can be sure, will enjoy that shangri-la in the not too distant future, and the CAGW heroes will ride off into the sunset, unworried and unsullied by guilt, only in the pleasure of counting the money.

One of the problems is that various countries, and not just developing nations, have plundered groundwater reserves, while others are building dams, or have planned projects to build them, shutting up river flow and depriving people downstream of the water resources they have become accustomed to. Political interference from UN organisations may actually exacerbate the problems while the insiduous drip drip effect of Green policies is like poison – but the good thing is that you die quicker from thirst than you do from malnutrition. You'll be dead inside a week without any water – a small crumb of comfort I suppose, rather than a lingering death as a result of Green policies that involve growing plants for fuel rather than for food.

On that rather cheery note we might turn our attention to another post at Anthony's Place – see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/11/01/mann-and-lewandowsky-go-psychotic-… … if you have never heard of this pair you haven't missed a lot – pass to Go and avoid a spell in the clink. Ignorance is bliss. The post by Anthony won't make a lot of difference to you. However, if you have heard of them its time to get the smelling salts out – the stink may come wafting out of your keyboard.

Meanwhile, the weekend's newspapers are full of conspiracies involving actual government ministers and anarchist anti-democratic organisations – all under the umbrella of the colour of Green.

Over in Germany we have more Green hyperbole – see http://notrickszone.com/2013/11/02/germanys-intelligence-agency-warns-of… … which again is in the same spirit of the 'you couldn't make it up, its so crazy ..' department (somewhere in the cellars of Whitehall). Germany's equivalent of the CIA or MI5 has released a serious report on the threat posed by climate change and co2 emissions. It will spark regional conflicts, wars that might drag in the rest of the world, by taking sides. All due to co2 allowances. The answer to the doomsaying is clear – don't have any allowances and your fears will fly away. No, we must have our doomsayings. They have put their foot down – if not their foot in it. Notice the word intelligent as in Intelligence Service (the old fashioned spies were just too gung ho). No James Bond here chaps, we have intelligence at work. Here you have an example of that intelligence – but they are trailing way behind the leaders of the pack with their big bags of money. The next big earner is water shortages – but the Intelligence Service in Germany is still stuck in la la land – co2 credits have been milked and off we go to the next clever little ruse, to prise open tax payers wallets.

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