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The Greek dark age and the end of the LB age.

18 November 2013
Ancient history

At www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php/archives/08/2013/catastrophic-climate-c… … this concerns what caused the abrupt end of the thriving civilisations of the LB age which were followed by a period of contraction in which it is likely there were extremely reduced numbers of people. This particular study, published in PLoS ONE, concentrates on the archaeology of Cyprus. Pollen analysis from a sediment care from the Larnaca Salt Lake shows that lush woodland environments gave way to grassland, making it one of the driest periods of the last 5000 years in the eastern Med region. The salt lake was in fact a bustling harbour in the LB age

In history books you'll see the blame attached to the collapse on the so called Sea Peoples. These were, in effect, refugees rather than invaders, symptoms of the climate change (or what ever invoked the climate change). Looking at the provided graph of radiocarbon dates something very interesting pans out. The Sea People/end of LB age has an averaged date of 2962+/-14 years BP. This appears to be roughly 150 years out of sync with conventional dates (assuming BP has an actual relevance to genuine calendar years, starting around 50 years ago.

Revisionists – see what you think. How do you interpret the carbon 14 graph?

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