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The geezer at Gezer

23 November 2013

At www.livescience.com/41143-city-found-under-canaanite-city.html … archaeologists have unearthed a city beneath a Canaanite city – in Israel. This is how the story is presented, as if this was something unusual, a peculiar way to write about an archaeology discovery. What they mean to convey is that another city from a different era lay under the city of the Biblical period (9th and 8th centuries BC).The hidden remains are simply the Late Bronze period city of Gezer (and the geezer is Amenophis III, as an amulet of his was found in the new level). It was beneath the Iron Age city – so there was nothing at all unusual. The new levels had LB pottery as well as the amulet of the dynasty 18 pharaoh – all normal stuff. The new findings deal a blow to some revisionist schemes such as those on Eric Aitchison's thread (under the umbrella of SIS) – and those of Velikovsky as outlined in Ages in Chaos. No doubt, some alternative interpretations will be aired – people seem to want to downdate the end of LB age to the Persian period and all kinds of mental gymnastics are involved. This ignores the explicit catastrophism associated with the end of LB age. You can't have one without the other.

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