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Ring of Venus, Ring of Earth

25 November 2013

At http://phys.org/print304333656.html … a dust ring in the orbit of Venus has been confirmed. This appears to be related to the cloud of dust we know as the Zodiacal Cloud. It seems to have been pulled into the orbit of the planet – by gravity (it is thought). The Earth travels through such a ring of dust. It was discovered 20 years ago – some time after Clube and Napier were speculating upon the role of the zodiacal cloud on the forte for pyramids (among other things). The Russians found the Venus ring 20 years prior to this, as a result of space probes – but the evidence was said to be weak. In other words, it was not universally accepted.

Researchers have now put the Venus ring into the Western perspective as a group from the Open University in Milton Keynes and the University of Central Lancashire modelled in a dust ring in the orbit of Venus and then went about trying to see if reality fitted the model- using data collected from NASA probes. They found in the dust – but it did not conform exactly to their model. It did verify the Russians however, and that was the point of the exercise – finding a ring of dust around another planet, and not just the Earth.

What we don't know is how much dust has been lost from the ring – how much dust was in the ring in the past (in mid Holocene for example).

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