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Collapse of the Universe

14 December 2013

Yesterday, we had the expanding universe. Today we wake up and it is the collapsing universe we should be worried about – see http://phys.org/print306068234.html. It seems a collapse of the universe could happen if a bubble forms where the Higgs particle associated Higgs Field will reach a different value than the rest of the universe. I hope you all understand that. It applies if this new value equated with lower energy, and if the bubble is large enough. The bubble will expand at the speed of light, in all directions. All elementary particles inside the bubble will reach a mass that is much heavier than if they were outside the bubble and these will pull each other into supermassive centre – and these in turn will cause everything to be compressed into a small hard ball.

It must be catching as the author of the paper concludes the risk of collapse is even greater than previously deducted on the available evidence. It is somewhat more of a risk today than it was yesterday.

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