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A megalithic town on a coral reef in the Pacific

28 December 2013

This is posted as it is unusual and takes me back to my younger years and reading Thor Heyerdahl's 'Kon Tiki Expedition' – which was a best seller in its time. At www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php/archives/12/2013/nan-madol-the-coral-re… … concerns the megalithic, or large stone, remains of Nan Madol, on an island in Micronesia. Heyerdahl was fascinated by megalithic remains in the Pacific and speculated they belonged to an ancient race that preceded the more well known Polynesian migrations. Well, as the island concerned is in Micronesia this does represent a people that were in the islands prior to those migrations – but how long ago is difficult to fathom. In this instance, the megalithic remains have a known history – and it is long after Polynesians set out in their boats to discover and inhabit the more remote islands of the Pacific. A ruling dynast established control over the island between 1200 and 1600AD – which is fairly recent in the general scheme of things. However, there is some indication the megaliths do go back somewhat earlier, and 200BC has been broached as a speculative date.

The 'city' sits on a coral reef and rods of stone (blocks) were stacked horizontally, log cabin style, to form walls as high as 15m and 5m thick. Each stone, on average, weighs 5 tons – and some of them are 25 tons (no wonder Heyerdahl was impressed). No quarries exist in proximity to Nan Madol – so they were transported (possibly by raft). The date of the overthrow of the dynasty is interesting, 1628AD. Comets and meteors were abundant at this time. Did they lose the mandate of heaven?

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