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Indonesian tsunamis

28 December 2013

the province of Aceh in the west of Sumatra is indelibly stamped by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, a one hundred foot wave that raced across the Indian Ocean to devastate the coastal regions of Thailand, Burma, and the Indian subcontinent – as well as Aceh itself. Some 230,000 people perished – half of them in Indonesia. Now, a limestone cave has revealed tsunamis of similar intensity have occurred before – one of them is dated to around 800BC, and more interestingly, in the 500 years prior to that there were four other tsunamis – go to www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/indonesia-cave-reveals-history…

This means that between 800 and 1300BC there were five tsunami waves altogether. Starting at the Amarna period, two at the end of dynasty 19, one in mid dynasty 20, plus the 800BC one. Who says a revision of history is necessary?

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