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The Devil and the BBC

6 January 2014
Climate change

I was out and about this morning, and caught snatches of a Radio 5 talk show on the car radio where the BBC had lined up a bishop in one corner and an atheist writer/journalist in the other. The target was belief in the Devil among evangelicals – with the added point of interest that Islamists also fervently believe in the equivalent of the Devil (which is why the ayatollahs described the US as the 'Great Satan'). As I only heard snatches as I was in and out of the car doing this and that I can't comment too much on the discussion but it did occur to me the BBC and all the other mainstream media outlets have their own version of the devil – namely, CAGW. Setting up the bishop as a stool pigeon to be mocked was probably thought quite funny in one of the BBC upper floor offices. Too bad they aren't capable of the inverse view – their own version, which is being pummelled relentlessly across the air waves with shrieks of immense storms and floods which are no better or worse than they have ever been. The devil in religion is a rather muted fellow of late – but the devil in the lap of the BBC, and its cohorts, is a babbling high pitched ear ache.

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