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What is the Polar Vortex

10 January 2014
Climate change

Lots of handringing in mainstream media over a new terminology in the CAGW vocabulary, the Polar Vortex. In the past this phenomenon has been described as a 'cold front' or an 'icy blast' from the Arctic – so what gives. Why the new term?

Well, there are vast sums of loot sloshing around in the CAGW slipstream and the main players don't want it to go away any time soon. Every section of society is supposed to be tightening their belts – according to the coalition politicos. No. Not the CAGW beneficiaries – they are troughing like billy oh. The 'saintly' NGOs turn the other cheek, it would seem – and the pot is stirred, and stirred. The idea is perhaps to dupe Joe Public – and what a fantastic battery they have developed. It doesn't matter if there is drought or flood, global warming is to blame. It doesn't matter if the summer is hot and dry or cool, cloudy, and wet, it is global warming that is to blame. It doesn't matter if the winter is mild or freezing cold, global warming is to blame, and it doesn't matter if the floods were worse in the past than they are in the present, its all down to global warming. Why? – because we say so. We are also making lots of money but that is nothing to do with you. You have got to empty your pockets to pay for Labour's debts – even if what is in your pockets is zooming into ours. It belongs to us – so there. We don't care if the debt don't go down. We're the global warmers – the privileged and the righteous (and we are cleverer than you).

The River Thames is running high and riverside towns such as Oxford, Marlow and Henley are experiencing a watery period with overflowing banks with luxury houses sandbagged and mobile homes and chalets clearly parked in the wrong place in such weather. Last year, the floods in Henley lapped around the bottom of the Rowing Boat Museum, covered the car parks, gardens, the park and various fields, and the same is happening this year. However, on the whitewashed walls of the lock keepers house there is a black line that marks the flood level in 1947. It was much higher – a lot higher than it has been the last few years. In 1947 there was a massive dump of snow over Britain and it was the melting snow as it thawed that caused the Thames to overflow all the way down to the sea. This year we have persistent and heavy rain. In 1947 that rain came as snow. Same result. What has that got to do with global warming?

In spite of all this, and the fact it is N America that is enjoying all the snow this year, the enrichment within the media are convinced global warming is at the root of all weather. Can you do anything about it.

You might take a look at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/01/07/a-sober-look-at-the-northern-polar… … where Anthony tries to set it straight (from an American perspective as after all it is they who are experiencing the cold draught). A polar vortex is caused when an area of low pressure sits at the rotation pole of a planet. It causes air to spiaral down from high in the atmosphere and is most pronounced during winter when the Earth's temperature gradient is steepest. Polar Vortexes have also been observed on Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and on Titan. May be all those space craft cruising around the solar system are causing co2 induced global warming to break out on our fellow planets. Just you wait until they ditch the Rover and get one of those big Tonka Toy SUVs out there on Mars, churning up the dust and creating a kerfuffle and spewing fossil fuel emissions into that thin atmosphere.

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