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Glaciers in the Antarctic waters.

16 January 2014
Climate change

Anyone bamboozled by mainstream media and CAGW blogs penning nonsense about the Russian cruise ship getting stuck in a calving ice berg can read the real facts of the situation. Steve McIntyre in his usual penetrating study has been looking at ice in the ocean where Turney and pals came unstuck – or do I mean stuck. Go to www.climateaudit.org/2014/01/15/ship-of-fools/

Elsewhere on the blogs the titters continue as the Russian ship is free – as forecast by Anthony Watts and his weather pals (a shift of wind moving the sea ice) and has actually docked in New Zealand. Meanwhile, the rescued climate scientists and media types are still in the Antarctic as the Australian ice breaker is continuing its job of work, taking supplies to Antarctic scientists further along the coast. At the same time the BBC and Guardian and the ABC (Australian state television) are not disclosing how much they subsidised the trip – or how much they might be liable for the costs accrued during the rescue, which involved diverting three ice breakers from their alotted tasks. They'll be keeping 'mum' for a while especially if it amounts to a lot of license fee payer money (extracted while screaming).

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