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Goddard’s Probe

19 January 2014
Climate change

At http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/just-hit-the-noaa-motherlode/ … steven goodard announces that he was idly fiddling around yesterday evening, trying to make sense of the ISHCN V1 and V2 graph when he discovered a huge discrepancy at 1998. This, you may remember, is supposed to be the year when global warming peaked. Digging away further, thinking it didn't look right on the eye, yet alone anything else, he found there was a reason. At that point in time they switched from V1 to V2. In V1 they adjusted temperatures upwards and made little alterations to older temperatures. When they switched to V2 they started to adjust older temperatures downwards and left the post-2000 temperatures largely intact. This created a big jump of one degree – the hiogh point of global warming, and kept temperatures in a high bracket post 2000 (in comparison with the older temperatures). This is why they have been claiming global temperatures are still high – when everybody knows they aren't. They created significant warming by reversing polarity prior to 2000. Take away the adjustments and we are left with just the natural cycle – one  that has been in operation all through the 20th century.

The problem here is that Goddard's Probe is on a blog – with a limited number of visitors. It is highly unlike this will be picked up by mainstream media – why would they want to upset the applecart? It will be fairly easy for NOAA to block FOIA requests – and keep the lid on. Not worth getting excited about as it was obvious this was happening in any case. What Goddard has done is the how and wherefore – but the whyfore remains a mystery.

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