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Sodom and Gomorrah chronology

4 February 2014
Ancient history

In a talk at the 1991 SIS AGM meeting in London (at the Library Association) one of the speakers, Bernard Newgrosh, likened the Sodom and Gomorrah event to the Exodus event, and the destruction of Jericho. Although he visualised the Sodom event as earlier than Exodus he attributed it to a Venus cometary encounter (like Exodus in the Velikovsky hypothesis). It might be worth pointing out that if Collins is right, and Sodom equates with Tall el-Hammam in the Kikkar, and then its destruction might have occurred at the 'same' time as Exodus (rather than earlier) as Jericho was flattened at the same point in time – towards the end of the MB period.

Take your time digesting the implications.

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