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Egypt in the last interglacial

7 February 2014

We are going back over 100,000 years ago but at http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/enormous-scale-of-n… … is a wonder. We have a reconstruction of the landscape of the Nile Valley during the last interglacial episode. It seems a huge 45,000km2 freshwater lake existed in what is now the Sudan. It would have been comparable to modern lakes such as Lake Michigan and Lake Tanganyika. So, what is this telling us – it could not have been in the doldrums semi desert zone, as now, but allowing a shift of the equator, it must have been in the equivalent of the tropics. Can Earth's climate warm up to allow an increase in temperature without a shift in the equator? Well, in amongst all the smoke and mirrors surrounding CAGW there is some serious scientific research and hopefully this will determine if co2 can affect the global climate. If not, and we live in a water world that may be self balancing, mainstream will have to find a good reason to explain these ancient warm periods.

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