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Camels and the Bible

11 February 2014

Provoked by the recent claim that camels are first known in the southern Levant in the Iron Age a New Chronology Yahoo Group commenter claims Kenneth Kitchen, seriously kicked around like a football by New Chronology (both the James and the Rohl versions), in 'On the Reliability of the Old Testament' actually provided a series of line drawings of a number of physical relics with pictures of camels from the 2nd millennium BC, long prior to the Iron Age. These came from Ur, Byblos, and Syria, and somewhat later, towards the end of the LB Age, from Egypt and NW Arabia. A camel jaw was also found in a Canaanite MB tombe at Tell el-Far'ah. Hence, the press blurb associated with the latest evidence of camels as beasts of burden in the Arabah has precedents, conveniently not mentioned. It might have spoilt the discovery.

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