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Dark matter might not exist!

11 February 2014

Welkl, we've had Hawking's 'Black Hole that don't exist' – go to www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2014/02/dark-gravity-dark-matter-might-not… … which involves Hongcheng Zhae of St Andrews University, and a team of astronomers at Scotland's best. They have come up with a hypothesis that thinks the Milky Way galaxy might have collided with the Andromeda galaxy 10 billion years ago. This implies our understanding of gravity is flawed. Zhao wonders if an unknown force is acting on dark matter. Not only that, dark matter seems to 'know' how visible matter is distributed – is this spooky? They conspire with each other to alter gravity – or something like that.

Altogether more interesting if Erik Verlinde. He won the Spinoza Prize (the Dutch version of the Nobel) and he describes gravity as something that appears only when many other things came together (in the early universe) – which he says is illogical (and again, something like that). He is also averse to Big Bang and describes it as a theory that at a particular moment things suddenly started to explode and grow and the universe started to get bigger. He says this is illogical and to think there was nothing – then nothing exploded and became something, is very odd. He predicts Big Bang will change (adapt) and so will the idea of an expanding universe. Quantum theory took 26 years to to clarify and String Theory has been going for 40 years and yet nothing has cocme out which can directly be test with observations or experiments. Nothing. He thinks that within 20 years there will be a paradigm shift – and all these things will be looked at in fresh eyes. In other  words, the big wigs near the top of the science tree have to retire before anything will change.

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