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Why is it raining so much?

11 February 2014
Climate change

This year has been very cold in N America and very mild in parts of Europe. In Britain and Ireland we have had persistent and continuous rain, so much so the aquifers are so full they are overflowing, and rivers can't drain the water into the sea fast enough. Yes, the tragedy of all this is that all that water will end up in the Atlantic Ocean – not in a reservoir. There might be a drought in the summer.

Well, the news reporters are very excited, and the media in general is full of climate change. Well, it is climate change. However, it is not global warming – it is part of the dip as we enter a period of cooling.

Piers Corbyn blames it on the Sun, and the solar wind. The latter can be affected by the Moon – so he has developed a theory of solar and lunar impacts on the weather. If you want to read more and have plenty of time – go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoI5wMNWOjs&feature=youtu.be

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