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Oh, what games that people play …

24 February 2014
Climate change

The story behind the flooding of the Somerset Levels goes back to the 1990s – as extracted by the fingernails of Richard North and Christopher Booker – see www.eureferendum.com/blogview.aspx?blogno=84737 … and the odd thing is that it was all going so swimmingly well for them as nobody had a real clue what mischief they had hatched, having pulled the woolly jumper over the eyes of the general public, including the householders directly affected. Somebody upstairs appears to have been a bit irked – especially when the Met Office proclaimed it knew best and we were on course for a drier than average winter. Out of the sky came the wet stuff, and it has rained and rained relentlessly for almost three months. Oh dear, that was not suppposed to happen – it's spoilt the plot. We've been outed – by the weather.

Oh, what games that people play – and once we have this in public view, for all to see, what then? Currently two bloggers have diligently picked around reports and drafts, statements of intent, charities, and political posturing, and they have found a marvellous story, the sort of thing the media could make lots of hay. It won't – the media is fully part of the problem. They make a lot of noise about riots in Kiev, and resistance against a despot in Syria, but they will ignore this one on their own doorstep. They don't want to know. They'll turn the other cheek – pretend it is all hunky as dory, muffins and jam, but don't look now while we pocket our troughings. They'll spout about corruption in far away countries and turn their face and not see the same thing going in their own backyard. It s mockery – and all we have in our armoury, is mockery in reposte.

Staying on the wrong side of the weather go to http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/climatology-2014-the-science-o… … where Tim Cullen has a moan about the climatology becoming increasingly disconnected from reality. Steven Goddard on the other hand thinks he knows a few of the tricks, a wheeze or two designed to fuel the CAGW doomsayings – go to http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/1990-ipcc-report-said-that… considerably-skillful/ … and it seems the politicos fell for that one (and most everyone else laughed_. However, data tampering is something else – see http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/mid-1960s-us-pivot-point/ and one play is to claim you know the temperature in a locality where the temperature station has been shut down and you have to compensate for this by projecting the temperature from stations that can be up to 1200km away – but there is nicely more to this as Bolivia is a country with a fair amount of Andes mountains. They are high, and cool (and it snows a lot at the peaks). The projection points are wonderful – as far as CAGW models are concerned. It is just not so far to the Amazonian rainforest (below the mountains and in the steamy jungles) or the sun drenched beaches of Chile and Peru, where a desert climate sometimes prevails. Steve calls this the Bolivia effect – its even better than the 'back to nature' ambition of the Greens in the UK, and drat the little people.

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