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Laugh a minute

3 April 2014
Climate change

I'm not particularly into politics, apart from the fact I don't like any one of them – but here we have a classic (for anyone who did not tune in) – go to Http://tallblloke.wordpress.co.uk/2014/04/’03/beagle-two-dogsby-heads-m/ … and can you still remember Dan Dare and the Eagle comic (sorry youngsters – this is old boys stuff). Meanwhile, is this real or not – the Lewandowksky deception has been front page news on the blogs for some time – but nobody had heard of Lewandowsky until he wrote this crazy paper which accused sceptics of being conspiratorial and akin to Moon Landing deniers (and worse) which appears to be political desperation by the warmists who clearly have no science to back up their weak case against reality (sorry, but not the time to be diplomatic, these people are thieves and troughers). Even better, and more rational is the post at www.climateaudit.org/2014/03/24/lewandowksy-ghost-wrote-conclusions-of-u… … and various other posts at Steve McIntyre's web site (and this is a classic warmist story that hit the buffers and more or less enscapulates what they are all about – or some of them). What is clear is that anti-corporatist types, stuff working class job projects and your usual way off beam (XXX) are united in supporting the rich getting richer wind farm subsidy schemes. It seems that only Nigel, wierdo that he might be, is touching the fuse paper- and all these out of the collective mindset groups are suddenly history. We have lived with these plonkers since WWII and Farage is disingeniously making them history. Will Philby roll over in his grave?

Note … Clegg appears to be up and running with Lewandowsky going by his weak  capitulation argument regarding the EU – see link to BBC 2 above. He claimed Farage was akin to Obama deniers (who are strange, I must admit) and various other ridiculous points of analogy – which actually undermined his argument as facts should count the most – nopt hyperbole. This is not to say that Farage was innnocent – only that he was able to hit a point in the stomach that  said, wow. Get rid of all these mainstream monstrosities (and not just the politically orientated) and look at it all with fresh eyes – open eyes. Scientific eyes (using the brain – rather than the professor that was your tutor). Easier said than done. Prejudice is a fact of life. We can't escape the clutches.

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