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Gunnar Heinsohn

3 May 2014
Ancient history

The Gunnar Heinsohn latest extreme revision of history has been flourishing on an email thread set up by Clark Whelton. Its been on the go for a couple of months and Heinsohn and co are currently getting an ear bashing – by Dick Gagel. He is giving them back a taster of his own theories about the Netherlands and Germania in the Dark Ages. Gunnar Heinshohn's theory has also surfaced at http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/history-stretching-the-truth/ … and is presented as another example of mainstream bending the truth to fit the accepted version of events.

Tim Cullen's piece begins with a little book that I have mentioned before, MJ Harper, 'The History of Britain Revealed: the shocking truth about the English language'. It is written tongue in cheek with the author aware, all the time, almost looking over his shoulder, that he is going against the grain and is not too keen on upsetting his academic colleagues (too much). It is also a very witty read and he makes the point that although it is consensus theory that the English language was introduced by the Anglo Saxons in the immediate post-Roman period, this may be entirely wrong and English speakers may have been living in the country for centuries prior to the Romans. In other words, the consensus is defended and any scholarly work that tries to say otherwise is given short shrift. Heinsohn's revision of the first millennium AD comes in as another challenge to the consensus view of Roman and post-Roman history (and there are some interesting oddities in the mainstream version of events). Heinsohn's general thesis is available to look at – go to www.q-mag.org/charlemagnes-correct-place-in-history.html – which is the web site of Alfred de Grazia (Heinsohn has been a speaker at his annual conferences). Basically, he reduces 1000 years of history in to just 300 years. See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_of_Roman_rule_in_Britain

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