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The Inflating Universe

15 May 2014

At http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/big-bang-gravitational-waves-c… … bigins, 'an orchestrated media blitz to push claims that spectacular evidence of cosmic inflation had been detected could be turning sour only a few weeks later …' . The story broke in a furore of media hype – with journos donning a serious hat and trying hard to concentrate type expressions on their faces, obviously impressed by all the PR. These are, however, the same people that swallow the CAGW alarmism hook line and sinker – so it isn't a surprise to find they have pressed the wrong buzzer once again. No tidbits today.

Given the fact it was all a computer simulation (and CAGW is also all about computer models rather than the real world) it is not surprising somebody has noticed they haven't fed the computer properly in the first instance, thereby placing doubt on their findings. See also http://milesmathis.com/guth.pdf

Tall Blokes Talk Shop has some interesting comments to their story – which are rather critical of the science involved. Over at http://phys.org/print319277984.html … where we learn the whistle blower was a physicist at CERN, on his Particle Physics blog. Evidence for cosmic inflation along the lines suggested has to wait, it seems.

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