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All Seeing WISE

24 May 2014

At http://phys.org/print319999018.html … NASAs 'Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer' (WISE mission) has been looking at black holes – and they don't seem to conform to consensus theory (the bit processed for consumption by the general public). Back in the 1970s, when astronomers came to an agreement on black holes (or the setting up of a control knob) , they claimed all black holes are surrounded by a dusty area, a doughnut shped structure thereafter known as a torus. It is the position of the torus that is supposed to affect 'earthlings' view of black holes. If the torus is positioned so that we see it edge on, the black hole itself is hidden. In other positions of the torus the black hole is thought to be visible (in varying degrees). The new WISE results do not corroborate this consensus position but the question is why. Obviously, the first thing to leap into the minds of those seeking an explanation, is dark matter (another mysterious component of the universe). These people seem to feel a need to have an explanation, however extraordinary it might sound, as if they think the general public will lose faith in science if they can't dictate to them how it works and what it is all about.

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