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Big tools, big points

3 June 2014

At http://westerndigs.org/13500-year-old-tool-making-site-uncovered-in-idah… … an archaeological site on a river bank in Idaho has come upon evidence of humans living there 13,500 years ago – in the warm period between the end of the Ice Age and the beginning of the Younger Dryas event. However, these are not Clovis point – but date contemporary with Clovis. A few layers above the new tool find they came across Western Stemmed points (common to the Great Basin and the NW states such as Oregon and Montana). These go back 14,000 years ago in the NW – but date to around 11,000 years ago at the Idaho site. This is at a date when Clovis had disappeared and would seem to indicate a migration from the west to central N America. The Western Stemmed points tradition indicates a northern origin (out of Asia) and most likely via an initial coastal route.

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