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Kurgans in Georgia

28 June 2014

At www.livescience.com/46513-ancient-chariot-burial-discovered.html …. in Georgia in the South Caucasus, a chariot burial has been dug up from beneath a kurgan (burial mound). It dates back to the Early Bronze Age, or the second half of the 3rd millennium BC, and there were, in fact, two chariots each with four wooden wheels. Various artefacts were found, even though the tomb was robbed in antiquity. These include leathers and textiles, a wooden armchair, beads and jewellery, flint and obsidian arrow heads, and wooden utensils – as well as clay utensils, and even wild fruits have been detected as an offering or food in the afterlife – but there were no horses. Other kurgan burials have also been found in the Transcaucasus and Georgia, yielding a similar date. 

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