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Penguin Tales

1 July 2014
Climate change

Mainstream media with their very serious face expression firmly stuck to the front of their heads have informed the world that penguins are on the verge of a cataclysmic decline as a result of global warming – even though the Antarctic sea ice is greater than it was and the Antarctic ice cap is as sound as it could possibly ever be. Most people, recognising mainstream media as catastrophically unreliable, probably won't take much notice – but what is really happening to the penguins and does it in any way resemble the polar bear doomsayings that turned out to be more about porkies than about lack of bear steaks.

You don't hear much about bats and raptors getting mangled in bird mincers (wind turbines) or the plight of the orang utan and other creatures of the Indonesian jungle (biofuels) in the press, or on TV, and even less from the mouths of politicos and environmentalists in pursuance of a moral crusade.  When it comes to the penguins we actually have a recently published paper that tells us exactly what has been happening – but facts seem to spoil a good story so the media ignore them. It seems they have a tendency to move around and join other colonies. Sharp increases in colonies have been recorded – which means some of them have declined (which is also on record). A doomsaying here is basically to accept one part of the data (a decline) and ignore the other bit of data (an increase) which is why they are bleating about falling penguin numbers. You can read all about if at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/07/01/blinded-by-beliefs-the-straight-po… … which shows that penguins will switch colony if the food resources are better and easier to reach. With increasing sea ice (evidence of global cooling rather than warming) the food resources are getting further and further away.

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